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Some abashing exists about the allotment of the bend accessory beneath assorted operating systems. Assorted Unix-like operating systems accommodate the bend accessory functionality beneath altered names.

In Linux, accessory names are encoded in the attribute table entries of their agnate accessory drivers. The accessory is alleged "loop" accessory and accessory nodes are usually alleged /dev/loop0, /dev/loop1, etc. They can be created by the makedev calligraphy for the changeless accessory directory, dynamically by the accessories of the accessory filesystem (udev), or anon by the mknod command. The administration user interface for the bend accessory is losetup and is allotment of the util-linux package.

Sometimes, the bend accessory is afield referred to as 'loopback' device, but this appellation is aloof for a networking accessory in the Linux atom (cf. loopback). The absorption of the 'loop' accessory is audible from that of 'loopback', although agnate in name.

In BSD-derived systems, such as NetBSD and OpenBSD, the bend accessory is alleged "virtual bulge device" or "vnd", and about amid at /dev/vnd0, /dev/rvnd0 or /dev/svnd0, etc., in the book system. The vnconfig affairs is acclimated for configuration.

FreeBSD followed the aforementioned conventions as added BSD systems until absolution adaptation 5, in which the bend accessory was congenital into the anamnesis deejay disciplinarian ("md"). Agreement is now performed application the mdconfig1 program.

In Solaris/OpenSolaris, the bend accessory is alleged "loopback book interface" or lofi,2 and amid at /dev/lofi/1, etc. SunOS has the lofiadm agreement program. The "lofi" disciplinarian supports read-only compression and read-write encryption. There is additionally a 3rd affair "fbk"3 (File emulates Blockdevice) disciplinarian accessible for SunOS/Solaris back summertime 1988.

Mac OS X accouterments a built-in angel ascent apparatus as allotment of its accidental admission deejay accessory abstraction. The accessories arise in /dev as approved deejay devices; reads from and writes to those accessories are beatific to a user-mode abettor process, which reads the abstracts from the book or writes it to the file. In the user interface it is automatically activated by aperture the deejay image. OS X can handle deejay (.dmg or .iso), CD-ROM or DVD images in assorted formats.

Loop ascent is not natively accessible on Microsoft Windows operating systems (until adaptation Windows 7, area this functionality is natively implemented, and accessible through the diskpart utility).4 However, the ability is generally added application third-party applications such as Daemon Accoutrement and Alcohol 120%. Freely-available accoutrement from VMware and LTR Abstracts can additionally be acclimated to accomplish agnate functionality

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