Sunday, 11 December 2011

Loop device

In Unix-like operating systems, a bend device, vnd (vnode disk), or lofi (loopback book interface) is a pseudo-device that makes a book attainable as a block device.

Before use, a bend accessory charge be affiliated to an absolute book in the filesystem. The affiliation provides the user with an API that allows the book to be acclimated in abode of a block appropriate book (cf. accessory book system). Thus, if the book contains an absolute book system, the book may again be army as if it were a deejay device.

Files of this affectionate are generally acclimated for CD ISO images and billowing disc images. Mounting a book absolute a filesystem via such a bend arise makes the files aural that filesystem accessible. They arise in the arise point directory.

A bend accessory may acquiesce some affectionate of abstracts addition during this redirection. For example, the accessory may be the unencrypted adaptation of an encrypted file. In such a case, the book associated with a bend accessory may be addition pseudo-device. This is mostly advantageous back this accessory contains an encrypted book system. If supported, the bend accessory is in this case the decrypted adaptation of the aboriginal encrypted book and can accordingly be army as if it were a accustomed filesystem

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